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New Leadership Needed for NY 27th District

I find it sadly unremarkable that the man who is said to have compared Sheldon Silver with Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and the Antichrist finds so much to love about Donald Trump. Silver got his just deserts (albeit decades too late, and he and Dean Skelos are but the tip of the corruption iceberg), but both Rep. Chris Collins and The Donald should learn to think before they speak — and, more importantly, to inform their thinking.

Collins was the first sitting member of Congress to hitch his star to Trump by publicly endorsing him and then seconding his nomination at the Republican National Convention. He was also quick to follow Trump’s lead by accusing Khizr and Ghazala Khan, bereaved parents of Army Captain Humayun Kahn, of using their son’s death to advance a political agenda. The public outcry against this diatribe — and countless other crude, biased and outrageous remarks made by Trump and blithely accepted by Collins — should extend to a demand by residents of the 27th Congressional District that we replace this callous individual with a candidate who embraces the Constitution and who will fight for the rights of all of us: candidate Diana Kastenbaum.

We need to revive thoughtful, ethical governance, beginning at the state and local levels. Ms. Kastenbaum stands strong on the issues that affect New Yorkers: jobs and the economy, education, college affordability, healthcare and energy, the concerns of senior citizens, and the environment. I urge you to learn more about this accomplished businesswoman — and to vote for her in November.

  • Mary Church, Member of Mendon Democratic Committee

House Party for Diana Kastenbaum

Join us for a beautiful evening on July 14th to

Meet and Greet Diana Kastenbaum, our candidate for the U.S. Congress

Diana is an energetic business leader  (owns and operates  Pinnacle Manufacturing in Batavia), who:

  • Defends  Medicare, The Affordable Care Act and Social Security;
  • Supports quality, low cost public education;
  • Believes America should be doing everything it can to be the leader in development of alternative energy and keep our land, air, and water clean;
  • Knows how to grow the economy and put people back to work.

Her opponent, Chris Collins,  was the first member of Congress  to endorse Donald Trump.

He is no more the right person to represent you in Congress than is Donald Trump the right person to  be president.  Help make this his last campaign.

Please join your friends and the Mendon Democratic Committee to meet Diana and learn how we can ensure our community values are represented in Washington.

Event Details

  • Thursday, July 14th 7:00PM
  • Hosted by Robert and Lisa Withers
  • 12 Hurlingham Drive, Honeoye Falls located just off Hwy 251
  • Donations to the campaign, (a suggested $50),  are sincerely appreciated
  • Refreshments will be served
  • For more information or to RSVP contact Tim Pryor, Mendon Dems Chair, 585-314-3339, 888 Pittsford Mendon Center Rd., Pittsford, NY 14534;;
  • To learn more about the candidate please check out Diana’s website;


Authorized by Diana Kastenbaum for Congress

Petitioning season is here!

The campaign season is officially upon us!  Members of the Democratic Committee will be going door to door in the next few weeks to gather signatures to get our county and state candidates on the ballot this fall.  Please offer your signature if we come to your door.  Better yet, help us to pass petitions!  Any registered Democrat is eligible to help.  Contact us at  if you have a couple of hours to spare.  We have a full slate of candidates for November, and there’s always ways to get involved.

Democratic Legislators Call for Comida Investigation

Democrat Adam Bello named Monroe County Clerk

Let’s make sure he gets elected to the position in November as well.

Democratic Candidate for Congress

Diana Kastenbaum has announced her run against Chris Collins for Congress.   Considering Collins became the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump for president, it is even more important that w organize to help replace him.

Sandy Frankel House Party Invitation

The Mendon Democratic Committee and Lisa and Robert Withers invite you to meet the NEXT MONROE COUNTY EXECUTIVE, Sandy Frankel, on at 7 p.m. Friday, October 16, 2015 at the Withers home, 12 Hurlingham Drive, Mendon, NY.


After too many years of one-party rule, it is time for a change. We need:

  • Honest government that looks out for the taxpayers before family and friends
  • Open government that does its business in public not behind closed doors
  • Progressive government that will:

Work to improve opportunities for all of Monroe County

Build a sustainable, energy-efficient future

Focus on real economic development and growth

Pay attention to the real interests and needs of the community

Come on out and meet our candidate Sandy Frankel, the candidate who can bring change to MOnroe County.    Bring the family and friends!!

Contributions to the Sandy Frankel for County Executive are vastly appreciated but not mandatory. Giving Sandy an opportunity to ask for your vote is the first thing we ask.



Chuck Schumer is Wrong

Chuck Schumer is Wrong

Chuck Schumer is now trying to sound moderate on the issue of an Iran agreement. We just need a new plan he says. Go back to the table and get a better deal, he says. America needs a better deal, he says. Nonsense. There is no better deal. Sen. Schumer is rejecting a common sense approach to one of the most delicate diplomatic challenges of this century, and in the process abandoning the Democratic Party.

First, the deal that has been negotiated by the US and other participating nations, is not a bad deal. It substantially reduces the ability of Iran to make weapons. It provides for and establishes a significant and unprecedented inspections program that can easily inform the participating nations in the event of any breach or attempted breach by the Iranians. Any breach of the agreement by Iran will lead to re-imposition of sanctions… an action that is binding on all signers of the pact. In exchange the Iranians get relief from stringent economic sanctions and they get access to billions in Iranian assets that have been frozen in the US since 1980.

The agreement will have positive repercussions worldwide. For the USA, for better or ill, lifting the sanctions will open the market to Iranian oil and lower the cost of fuel. Gasoline is expected to drop below $2 in the USA for the first time in years. In the Iranian economy, stifled by sanctions for decades, access to world markets is expected to be dramatic.

Political implications are also significant. Iranian oil is another assault on the Saudi oil monopoly which has already been challenged by Iraq, Koch brothers’ Bracken Crude from Canada and natural gas from world-wide fracking). Thus it will further diminish the influence of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and beyond. In Iran, the hard line Mullahs are as opposed to the deal as are Israeli hard liners and for similar reasons. The pact gives more credibility to moderate forces and creates opportunities for further cooperation between Iran and the rest of the world.

Sen. Schumer has yet to offer an alternative that will improve on the already substantial world-peace potential of this agreement. All he has are threats and fears. The tools of despots. He says we can’t trust Iran, what happens if Iran backs out? The answer to that is written in the terms of the agreement. We are back to sanctions and a continued effort at economic isolation, and every signer of the agreement is obliged to re-impose sanctions.

Sen. Schumer has forgotten one important element in the game. The USA is not the principal player in on the field. Also playing are the four permanent members of the United National Security Council (China, France, Russia, The United Kingdom), Germany and the European Union. Other affected nations that have been more or less honoring the sanctions include India and Pakistan and Japan. Some of these nations, China and Russia in particular, are unlikely to agree that more talk is useful or necessary. With or without an agreement, they may reopen trade with Iran. Once they open trade, the rest of the world is likely to follow. In short, whether or not the USA agrees to the deal, the other parties will likely go ahead without us. Some may do so without an agreement.

Senator Schumer’s claim that we need a better deal offers no deal that we can get. Especially appalling, nothing in his statements have improved on the talking points offered by the Republican Party, all of which were originally offered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he came the USA with the specific intent to embarrass President Obama in an address to a Republican Congress particularly hostile to the President.

It is no secret that Senator Schumer’s financial base is significantly invested in right wing Israeli politics. New York is the center of AIPAC influence in the United States. Still, Chuck Schumer is a leader in the Democratic Party. But he is not the leader. Important moments in history demand that party rank and file stand behind the President. This rule applies to me and it applies to Chuck Schumer.

  • by Tim Pryor, Mendon Democratic Committee Chair

Top 5 Reasons to Join the Mendon Democratic Committee

A Message to All Democrats in the Town of Mendon:

The Five Top Reasons You Should Join Us on the Mendon Democratic Committee

  1. All politics is local. All decisions about our political leadership are made at the ballot box. Your friends and neighbors decide who runs the country by going to the polls – or by staying home. Political decisions are often based on community discussions, television news, and local newspapers. Influencing those discussions and getting people out to vote is the work of the local political parties. Your participation can make a difference when you encourage your neighbors go to the polls.
  1. The Democratic Party champions the interests of hard working Americans. The Democratic Party stands up for the social safety net, for sensible investment in infrastructure, and for economic policies that work for all Americans, not just the wealthy one-tenth of one-percent. It is the party that seeks to get money out of politics and fights for true equality and prosperity for all.
  1. Change happens at the grass roots. The Democratic Party is not a top down organization. It takes its marching orders from a base, and that base is you. Sometimes it is difficult to get the guys at the top to listen, but they have no reason to pay attention if we are not there to kick them in the shins when necessary.
  1. People power is better than money power. The multi-billionaire Koch Brothers have announced they will spend nearly $900 million to elect a right-wing Conservative Republican government in 2016. This same family has announced its opposition to Medicare, Social Security, environmental regulations and better health care for all Americans. Democrats do not have billions to spend on winning the important battle for the hearts and minds of the voters. But we have good people. And people, if organized and dedicated to the fight, can out-vote money.
  1. Good government starts with you. You can’t influence anything by sitting on the sidelines. The Mendon Democratic Committee takes its role as a representative of your interests very seriously. Participate in the process by helping with the hard work of affecting local politics. Political activism is the best way to make your voice heard. There are roles in this process for everyone.

The Mendon Democratic Committee meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month at various locations in Mendon. Contact us at Come join the discussion and help us build a strong, local community of Democrats who will have a real voice in local, state and national politics. I look forward to seeing you.


Tim Pryor, Chair
Mendon Democratic Committee

Jamie Romeo elected to head Monroe County Democratic Committee

Thank you to Dave Garretson who is stepping down for family and health concerns.