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Ice Cream Social

Please join us for our 2nd annual Ice Cream Social – Thursday, August 25th, 7:00 p.m. at the Mendon Community Center – 167 North Main St., Honeoye Falls.  Free!  Come for ice cream and casual conversation.

New Leadership Needed for NY 27th District

I find it sadly unremarkable that the man who is said to have compared Sheldon Silver with Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and the Antichrist finds so much to love about Donald Trump. Silver got his just deserts (albeit decades too late, and he and Dean Skelos are but the tip of the corruption iceberg), but both Rep. Chris Collins and The Donald should learn to think before they speak — and, more importantly, to inform their thinking.

Collins was the first sitting member of Congress to hitch his star to Trump by publicly endorsing him and then seconding his nomination at the Republican National Convention. He was also quick to follow Trump’s lead by accusing Khizr and Ghazala Khan, bereaved parents of Army Captain Humayun Kahn, of using their son’s death to advance a political agenda. The public outcry against this diatribe — and countless other crude, biased and outrageous remarks made by Trump and blithely accepted by Collins — should extend to a demand by residents of the 27th Congressional District that we replace this callous individual with a candidate who embraces the Constitution and who will fight for the rights of all of us: candidate Diana Kastenbaum.

We need to revive thoughtful, ethical governance, beginning at the state and local levels. Ms. Kastenbaum stands strong on the issues that affect New Yorkers: jobs and the economy, education, college affordability, healthcare and energy, the concerns of senior citizens, and the environment. I urge you to learn more about this accomplished businesswoman — and to vote for her in November.

  • Mary Church, Member of Mendon Democratic Committee