Top 5 Reasons to Join the Mendon Democratic Committee

A Message to All Democrats in the Town of Mendon:

The Five Top Reasons You Should Join Us on the Mendon Democratic Committee

  1. All politics is local. All decisions about our political leadership are made at the ballot box. Your friends and neighbors decide who runs the country by going to the polls – or by staying home. Political decisions are often based on community discussions, television news, and local newspapers. Influencing those discussions and getting people out to vote is the work of the local political parties. Your participation can make a difference when you encourage your neighbors go to the polls.
  1. The Democratic Party champions the interests of hard working Americans. The Democratic Party stands up for the social safety net, for sensible investment in infrastructure, and for economic policies that work for all Americans, not just the wealthy one-tenth of one-percent. It is the party that seeks to get money out of politics and fights for true equality and prosperity for all.
  1. Change happens at the grass roots. The Democratic Party is not a top down organization. It takes its marching orders from a base, and that base is you. Sometimes it is difficult to get the guys at the top to listen, but they have no reason to pay attention if we are not there to kick them in the shins when necessary.
  1. People power is better than money power. The multi-billionaire Koch Brothers have announced they will spend nearly $900 million to elect a right-wing Conservative Republican government in 2016. This same family has announced its opposition to Medicare, Social Security, environmental regulations and better health care for all Americans. Democrats do not have billions to spend on winning the important battle for the hearts and minds of the voters. But we have good people. And people, if organized and dedicated to the fight, can out-vote money.
  1. Good government starts with you. You can’t influence anything by sitting on the sidelines. The Mendon Democratic Committee takes its role as a representative of your interests very seriously. Participate in the process by helping with the hard work of affecting local politics. Political activism is the best way to make your voice heard. There are roles in this process for everyone.

The Mendon Democratic Committee meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month at various locations in Mendon. Contact us at Come join the discussion and help us build a strong, local community of Democrats who will have a real voice in local, state and national politics. I look forward to seeing you.


Tim Pryor, Chair
Mendon Democratic Committee

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