Vote Row A : November 2, 2021

2021 Democratic Candidates

We all love living in Mendon. There’s so much more we can do together.

The town is sitting on a surplus of our money that should be utilized.

More community wide events – music/art festivals sponsored by the town

Town Sponsored Farmer’s Market

Town sponsored activities/attractions for our youth

Free use of the community center for residents

Renewable energy initiatives

Improved services and communication

Renew and rebuild the village and Hamlet business districts with new cultural and shopping choices

Provide activities and services for our older residents

Provide open and transparent governments where citizens are welcomed to speak and minutes are posted publicly and timely

Bring a balance to our government, emphasizing your town interests

2021 Mendon Democratic Team –

Your Neighbors. Your Advocates.

We Have Your Back

Mendon Democratic Committee

Welcome to the Mendon Democratic Committee.  We are a group of volunteers committed to supporting Democratic candidates and Democratic ideals in the town of Mendon, NY. 

Dear Fellow Mendon Democrat,
We hope you are staying well and managing the challenges of the pandemic. We are contacting you now to keep you informed about what’s going on with your grassroots Mendon Democratic Committee and to ask for your support.
In U.S. politics, change is possible only through the hard work of everyday Americans who want change. It was the power of grassroots efforts in Georgia over a period of years that toppled Mitch McConnell as majority leader and gave Democrats control of the United States Senate.

The power of grassroots support begins with you. The Mendon Democratic Committee vets candidates and offers you opportunities to meet them. Committee members knock on your door, distribute literature, send out mailings, and raise funds to support Democrats seeking local, county, state and national office – Democrats who will be your voice, truly representing your viewpoint. The Mendon Democratic Committee has delivered critical votes for Democratic leaders like County Executive Adam Bello, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter, Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo, and New York State Senator Samra Brouk.

Every election is a challenge for us, but we have had successes. If you use and support the Mendon Public Library, you can thank the Democrats who succeeded in passing, over Republican opposition, the bond issue that helped build it. Our Democratic numbers in Mendon are growing. And with strong voter turnout, we can prevail.

This year, we are proud to announce a strong, well-qualified slate of candidates for the Mendon Town Board – Jeff Klein for Supervisor and David Cook and Jeff Clark for the Board. They plan to restore open government by posting minutes, agendas, and proposed resolutions in advance of meetings and scheduling more than the two minutes of citizen input currently allowed per meeting by the entirely Republican Town Board. Only by having informed citizens and open government can we address the important issues that face all Mendon residents, such as making the best of the resources we have, preserving Mendon’s natural beauty, and ensuring equal access to all.

Although our County Executive, Adam Bello, is a Democrat, the Monroe County legislature is largely Republican, controlled by one vote. This November, the Mendon Democrats have a smart, dynamic candidate to represent us and all of Monroe County Legislative District 5 – Terry Daniele! Electing Terry would help secure a Democratic majority in the county legislature for the first timein many years and switch its focus to programming that will benefit all Monroe County residents, not just entrenched power brokers and the privileged few.

We are also pleased to share that Jon Stern is our candidate again for Mendon Town Justice. Jon has 25 years of courtroom experience and is running largely because of his interest in ensuring Mendon has a justice court independent of politics. He came up just a little short two years ago, and a stronger Democratic turnout would have made the difference.

Our biggest fight this year will be for voter turnout. Off-year elections have been called “the elections no one cares about.” Yet serious matters will be decided by those we elect locally – laws and exceptions to laws regarding zoning, solar farming, voting, taxes, road maintenance policies, and many more issues that affect our town and county.
Make a difference! We’re eager to hear your ideas and opinions, and we welcome your help in knocking on doors, carrying petitions, passing out literature, making phone calls, and pitching in to accomplish the many tasks necessary to get out the vote on election day in November.

What you can do to help:
➢ Attend events including rallies, parades, and fundraisers
➢ Share your ideas and energy with us to help insure our success
➢ Donate money to support candidates and campaigns – by check payable to Mendon Democratic Committee (address below) or via ActBlue (find the link on our website)

To learn more and get involved:
• Attend our meetings on the third Thursday of every month
• Follow us on Facebook (look for Mendon Democrats)
• Check out our web page, https://MendonDemocrats.org
• Send us an email: MendonDems2008@gmail.com
• Drop us a line:

Mendon Democratic Committee
P.O. Box 186
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

We will welcome you and your voice!

The Mendon Democratic Committee
Tim Pryor, Leader
Andrea DiGiorgio, Chair

Donations always welcome!



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