Todd Baxter

We make a difference in the community by finding a new way forward. This year’s Sheriff election is one of the most important elections our community has had in a long time. Whether we’re taking on the opioid crisis, finding innovative ways to reduce recidivism, making people feel safer, or making our law enforcement professionals feel more valued and appreciated, the Sheriff can and should be that leader. I believe we can reduce county crime rates. We must hold those who commit serious crimes accountable and guide non-violent offenders in our jails with a new path forward. We will take steps to better coordinate efforts across police departments and improve training and employee morale. I am committed to increasing public outreach, community relations, and the use of data and technology to improve public safety. Our community has the talent and expertise to find solutions to the issues we face. As your Sheriff, I vow to boldly lead the way. Join me in finding a new way forward.

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