Jeff Klein

Mendon Town Supervisor

Jeff Klein (Mendon Town Supervisor)
Jeff has been married to his wife, Alyssa, for seventeen years. They moved to Mendon in 2009 so their three children could attend school in the HFL district. He spent over two decades in the Navy and Navy Reserves. After more than 21 years of service he retired from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol where he taught the DARE program, was on the Sheriff’s SCUBA Team, served as a financial crimes investigator, and supervised the Community Services Unit.
Jeff has volunteered in the HFL CSD at both Lima Primary and Manor School and served on the Manor School Safety Committee. He was on the Program Budget Advisory Council for the 2020/21 budget year and was elected to the HFL Board of Education in 2019. He is currently president-elect of Honeoye Falls/Mendon Rotary.
Jeff has served as a Residential Case Manager for homeless veterans at the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester. He has coached for Honeoye Falls – Lima – Mendon Youth Baseball and co-founded the HFL Grassroots program, which supports local families affected by Covid-19. His projects outside of the Mendon community include being an Advisor for the Hope Is Life Foundation and founding “They Stepped Up to the Plate,” which honors surviving members of Negro League baseball. To date, they have been able to recognize seven former Negro League players and obtain U.S. Congressional Recognition for each one.

Jeff Klein for Mendon Town Supervisor

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