Jon Stern WFP Endorsement

More Political Shenanigans

While we did have a victory in court this week for Terry Daniele and other WFP endorsed candidates in Monroe County, we do have to warn you about some shenanigans with the line in the town of Mendon. Our Town Justice candidate, Jon Stern, received the Working Family Party endorsement after filling out a lengthy questionnaire and sitting for an interview. He is the candidate that they selected for that line based on his responses. Unfortunately, NYS has a quirk in the law that allows judicial candidates to collect party signatures to get the line even without the endorsement. As a result, the GOP in town beat us to the punch and got the signatures for current Town Justice without the endorsement. Jon was in quarantine for a portion of the signature period and there are only a handful of Working Family Party Members in town. The first signature is the one that counts. We don’t know what was said at the doors and if they were honest about not having the endorsement, but the Town Supervisor’s wife is the one who filed the complaint against our signatures, and we did lose that line.

When you go to vote this November, remember that the person on the WFP line for Town Justice does not represent that party’s views and does not have their endorsement. If you normally vote on the WFP line, please in this instance, move up to the Democratic line. We will remind you many times before November that she doesn’t belong there!


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