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Meet the Fabulous Terry Daniele

A great article in Rochester Women Online. Let’s get Terry Elected to the County Legislature.

A post from Jeff Clark

I am Jeff Clark, and with Dave Cook, a candidate for one of two open seats on the Mendon Town Board. While running on the Democratic ticket, we consider ourselves first to be residents of Mendon. Collectively, we have lived in this community for over 30 years, sent children through the HFL school system, served the Town Planning and Zoning Boards with appreciation, and enjoyed the parks, commercial establishments and rural landscapes of the Town with daily regularity. This is our home. And we share, with you, a commitment to protect and preserve its character and beauty. We believe every voice in this community should be heard if we are to have a community in which every voice is valued. That is why we are running for the Town Board, and asking you to help us secure a balanced electorate.
Consistent with our platform of every voice valued, we encourage all residents to be familiar with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, available for viewing on the Town website ( It is now being updated, but we would expect its Guiding Principles to remain largely unchanged. Three of those Principles are providing and maintaining public facilities and services necessary to protect the health and safety of Town residents, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and managing growth in a manner that is fair to landowners, achieves a
high quality of development, and protects the interests of the community at large. Our taxes support these objectives. While tax rates are important to us all, the way in which our taxes, and income received by the Town from other sources, are expended should be consistent with those Principles, and transparent to all affected thereby. We believe there is room for improvement here.
The Town Budget is also available for viewing on the Town Website. Those who attempt to negotiate its 29 pages might hope for greater clarity, and simplicity of presentation, to allow all taxpayers to make their own determinations about whether it effectively addresses the Guiding Principles, and express themselves accordingly. For example, the funds expended by the Town in current litigation over issues encompassed within the Guiding Principles are not readily apparent in the Budget, but should be. We would work to bring greater clarity to the way our tax dollars are used in furtherance of the community we desire to call our home. We hope you agree and cast your vote accordingly. Thank you.

A post from David Cook


My name is Dave Cook. Jeff Clark and I are running for the Mendon Town Board and ask you for your vote. Neither of us has ever run for any kind of office before. Like many of you we are very concerned with the state of politics today. We long for a time when politics was less about winning and more about doing the public good. We see leaders that denigrate and demean, rather than engage in meaningful dialogue. It is indeed a sad state of affairs and creeps into our local politics as well. Jeff and I pledge that we will never let politics interfere with governing and will never stray from civility. We will work with other public servants regardless of party. We will call out public waste no matter the source.

The American experiment began with tribalism. Colonial Americans were a multiethnic, mix of peoples that identified more as Virginians or New Yorkers than as Americans. Nonetheless, they banded those tribes together to fight a revolution and gain independence. The Founding Fathers recognized the critical need to unify the colonies post revolution on something other than the common enemy of England. They feared that excessive partisan political loyalties could become tribal and destructive.

In 1780, John Adams wrote that the “greatest political evil” to be feared under a democratic constitution was the emergence of “two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other.” George Washington, in his farewell address, described the “spirit of party” as democracy’s “worst enemy.” It “agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection.”

We must look at each other first as friends and fellow citizens. Lessons from the founders can guide us. They set aside the regional and political differences for the good of the whole. Can’t we do the same? Let’s stop referring to each other as right or left as Democrats or Republicans. Let’s see ourselves first as fellow citizens and neighbors. Despite its flaws, the Founders created the most inclusive form of governance in world history. We need to be reminded of those ideals.

A Town Board without balanced representation is by nature overtly partisan. As an old saying goes, “If we both think completely alike, one of us is unnecessary.” It is through exploring contraries in public policy that we achieve the best results. If these concepts and ideas resound with you, Jeff and I ask that you give us your trust to represent you. We promise you we will never violate that trust.

Town Justice Candidate Jon Stern talks about living an active life in Mendon

My name is Jon Stern and I am a candidate for Mendon Town Justice.

It’s been a beautiful fall so far in Mendon. The weather for the homecoming parade was perfect, and the floats and homecoming kings and queens were fantastic as usual. Of course, as many of you know, it is always great when the kids are finally old enough that we don’t need to walk/jog next to the floats (usually in the rain) from Marketplace to the Manor school, and instead can set up a chair on Main street and watch everyone go by, while talking with all our neighbors. I couldn’t help but remember the parade sixteen years ago, when Lisa and I held our daughter as an infant in front of our first house on West Main Street. That child marched with the 11 th grade Student Council this year—oh, how time flies! Lisa and I were pleased to see everyone at the parade and afterwards at the football game. Poor Midlakes! On Sunday morning at the boy’s football game, I enjoyed talking with the football and cheerleading
boosters, getting some new Cougar mittens, and drinking coffee with the fans. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting a “Celebration of Mendon” campaign event at The Cottage Hotel, featuring entertainment from one of our numerous local bands. It was the most appropriate spot for such an event. The citizens of Mendon have been visiting the Cottage for two hundred years, laughing, dancing, listening to music, and enjoying food and drinks with their friends. I was struck by the changes in the community since then. In old times, the guest lists of The Cottage would usually contain the names of landowners and other assorted “predominant” members of the community (all men), now, the Cottage and all our other great venues serve as a meeting place for all of our community. Several generations of us celebrated together—high school kids, college kids on break, parents, and grandparents all watching and dancing to music, expertly and passionately played by a band comprised of three local UB students and a junior at HF-L. A large wedding party from Rochester stopped in toward the end of the night and everyone mingled. Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands and congratulate the bride and groom. I am so pleased that our celebration of Mendon became just that.

As we reach the final weeks of the election season, I am so thankful to live in Mendon. I am grateful that my community agrees that you don’t have to have lived here since birth in order to be eligible to serve in local government. I welcome this opportunity to present our community with a choice in their local elections, and an alternative to habitual incumbency. I am most fired up for the opportunity to bring the passion, determination, and thoughtfulness that I have exerted on behalf of my clients for the last 20 years to the bench in our Justice Court to serve all of our community.

Happy fall, Mendon. I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 5! Here is the link to my previous message if you would like to know more about my experience
and qualifications to serve as Mendon Justice:

New video from Terry Daniele

Remembering Paul MacAualy

We are deeply saddened by the sudden death of Mendon Democratic Committee member, Paul MacAulay in December.  The editorial board at the Democrat and Chronicle wrote this piece in his honor titled, “A true believer in justice for all”.  Please take a moment to read it.  Paul’s obituary is posted beneath as well.  Donations in Paul’s name can be made to Campaign for Justice or the Mendon Public Library.

Chuck Schumer is Wrong

Chuck Schumer is Wrong

Chuck Schumer is now trying to sound moderate on the issue of an Iran agreement. We just need a new plan he says. Go back to the table and get a better deal, he says. America needs a better deal, he says. Nonsense. There is no better deal. Sen. Schumer is rejecting a common sense approach to one of the most delicate diplomatic challenges of this century, and in the process abandoning the Democratic Party.

First, the deal that has been negotiated by the US and other participating nations, is not a bad deal. It substantially reduces the ability of Iran to make weapons. It provides for and establishes a significant and unprecedented inspections program that can easily inform the participating nations in the event of any breach or attempted breach by the Iranians. Any breach of the agreement by Iran will lead to re-imposition of sanctions… an action that is binding on all signers of the pact. In exchange the Iranians get relief from stringent economic sanctions and they get access to billions in Iranian assets that have been frozen in the US since 1980.

The agreement will have positive repercussions worldwide. For the USA, for better or ill, lifting the sanctions will open the market to Iranian oil and lower the cost of fuel. Gasoline is expected to drop below $2 in the USA for the first time in years. In the Iranian economy, stifled by sanctions for decades, access to world markets is expected to be dramatic.

Political implications are also significant. Iranian oil is another assault on the Saudi oil monopoly which has already been challenged by Iraq, Koch brothers’ Bracken Crude from Canada and natural gas from world-wide fracking). Thus it will further diminish the influence of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and beyond. In Iran, the hard line Mullahs are as opposed to the deal as are Israeli hard liners and for similar reasons. The pact gives more credibility to moderate forces and creates opportunities for further cooperation between Iran and the rest of the world.

Sen. Schumer has yet to offer an alternative that will improve on the already substantial world-peace potential of this agreement. All he has are threats and fears. The tools of despots. He says we can’t trust Iran, what happens if Iran backs out? The answer to that is written in the terms of the agreement. We are back to sanctions and a continued effort at economic isolation, and every signer of the agreement is obliged to re-impose sanctions.

Sen. Schumer has forgotten one important element in the game. The USA is not the principal player in on the field. Also playing are the four permanent members of the United National Security Council (China, France, Russia, The United Kingdom), Germany and the European Union. Other affected nations that have been more or less honoring the sanctions include India and Pakistan and Japan. Some of these nations, China and Russia in particular, are unlikely to agree that more talk is useful or necessary. With or without an agreement, they may reopen trade with Iran. Once they open trade, the rest of the world is likely to follow. In short, whether or not the USA agrees to the deal, the other parties will likely go ahead without us. Some may do so without an agreement.

Senator Schumer’s claim that we need a better deal offers no deal that we can get. Especially appalling, nothing in his statements have improved on the talking points offered by the Republican Party, all of which were originally offered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he came the USA with the specific intent to embarrass President Obama in an address to a Republican Congress particularly hostile to the President.

It is no secret that Senator Schumer’s financial base is significantly invested in right wing Israeli politics. New York is the center of AIPAC influence in the United States. Still, Chuck Schumer is a leader in the Democratic Party. But he is not the leader. Important moments in history demand that party rank and file stand behind the President. This rule applies to me and it applies to Chuck Schumer.

  • by Tim Pryor, Mendon Democratic Committee Chair

Top 5 Reasons to Join the Mendon Democratic Committee

A Message to All Democrats in the Town of Mendon:

The Five Top Reasons You Should Join Us on the Mendon Democratic Committee

  1. All politics is local. All decisions about our political leadership are made at the ballot box. Your friends and neighbors decide who runs the country by going to the polls – or by staying home. Political decisions are often based on community discussions, television news, and local newspapers. Influencing those discussions and getting people out to vote is the work of the local political parties. Your participation can make a difference when you encourage your neighbors go to the polls.
  1. The Democratic Party champions the interests of hard working Americans. The Democratic Party stands up for the social safety net, for sensible investment in infrastructure, and for economic policies that work for all Americans, not just the wealthy one-tenth of one-percent. It is the party that seeks to get money out of politics and fights for true equality and prosperity for all.
  1. Change happens at the grass roots. The Democratic Party is not a top down organization. It takes its marching orders from a base, and that base is you. Sometimes it is difficult to get the guys at the top to listen, but they have no reason to pay attention if we are not there to kick them in the shins when necessary.
  1. People power is better than money power. The multi-billionaire Koch Brothers have announced they will spend nearly $900 million to elect a right-wing Conservative Republican government in 2016. This same family has announced its opposition to Medicare, Social Security, environmental regulations and better health care for all Americans. Democrats do not have billions to spend on winning the important battle for the hearts and minds of the voters. But we have good people. And people, if organized and dedicated to the fight, can out-vote money.
  1. Good government starts with you. You can’t influence anything by sitting on the sidelines. The Mendon Democratic Committee takes its role as a representative of your interests very seriously. Participate in the process by helping with the hard work of affecting local politics. Political activism is the best way to make your voice heard. There are roles in this process for everyone.

The Mendon Democratic Committee meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month at various locations in Mendon. Contact us at Come join the discussion and help us build a strong, local community of Democrats who will have a real voice in local, state and national politics. I look forward to seeing you.


Tim Pryor, Chair
Mendon Democratic Committee

Jamie Romeo elected to head Monroe County Democratic Committee

Thank you to Dave Garretson who is stepping down for family and health concerns.

Join us for an ice cream social!

Mark Your Calendars and Plan to Join Us
Ice Cream and Politics

Thursday July 23 at 7 p.m.

Mendon Community Center, 167 North Main Street, Honeoye Falls

The Mendon Democratic Committee will hold an open meeting and Ice Cream Social. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn what we are all about.

Remember, all politics is local, so come out and meet your fellow Democrats.  We need all the support we can get.