A post from Jeff Clark

I am Jeff Clark, and with Dave Cook, a candidate for one of two open seats on the Mendon Town Board. While running on the Democratic ticket, we consider ourselves first to be residents of Mendon. Collectively, we have lived in this community for over 30 years, sent children through the HFL school system, served the Town Planning and Zoning Boards with appreciation, and enjoyed the parks, commercial establishments and rural landscapes of the Town with daily regularity. This is our home. And we share, with you, a commitment to protect and preserve its character and beauty. We believe every voice in this community should be heard if we are to have a community in which every voice is valued. That is why we are running for the Town Board, and asking you to help us secure a balanced electorate.
Consistent with our platform of every voice valued, we encourage all residents to be familiar with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, available for viewing on the Town website (townofmendon.org). It is now being updated, but we would expect its Guiding Principles to remain largely unchanged. Three of those Principles are providing and maintaining public facilities and services necessary to protect the health and safety of Town residents, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and managing growth in a manner that is fair to landowners, achieves a
high quality of development, and protects the interests of the community at large. Our taxes support these objectives. While tax rates are important to us all, the way in which our taxes, and income received by the Town from other sources, are expended should be consistent with those Principles, and transparent to all affected thereby. We believe there is room for improvement here.
The Town Budget is also available for viewing on the Town Website. Those who attempt to negotiate its 29 pages might hope for greater clarity, and simplicity of presentation, to allow all taxpayers to make their own determinations about whether it effectively addresses the Guiding Principles, and express themselves accordingly. For example, the funds expended by the Town in current litigation over issues encompassed within the Guiding Principles are not readily apparent in the Budget, but should be. We would work to bring greater clarity to the way our tax dollars are used in furtherance of the community we desire to call our home. We hope you agree and cast your vote accordingly. Thank you.

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