Town Justice Candidate Jon Stern talks about living an active life in Mendon

My name is Jon Stern and I am a candidate for Mendon Town Justice.

It’s been a beautiful fall so far in Mendon. The weather for the homecoming parade was perfect, and the floats and homecoming kings and queens were fantastic as usual. Of course, as many of you know, it is always great when the kids are finally old enough that we don’t need to walk/jog next to the floats (usually in the rain) from Marketplace to the Manor school, and instead can set up a chair on Main street and watch everyone go by, while talking with all our neighbors. I couldn’t help but remember the parade sixteen years ago, when Lisa and I held our daughter as an infant in front of our first house on West Main Street. That child marched with the 11 th grade Student Council this year—oh, how time flies! Lisa and I were pleased to see everyone at the parade and afterwards at the football game. Poor Midlakes! On Sunday morning at the boy’s football game, I enjoyed talking with the football and cheerleading
boosters, getting some new Cougar mittens, and drinking coffee with the fans. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting a “Celebration of Mendon” campaign event at The Cottage Hotel, featuring entertainment from one of our numerous local bands. It was the most appropriate spot for such an event. The citizens of Mendon have been visiting the Cottage for two hundred years, laughing, dancing, listening to music, and enjoying food and drinks with their friends. I was struck by the changes in the community since then. In old times, the guest lists of The Cottage would usually contain the names of landowners and other assorted “predominant” members of the community (all men), now, the Cottage and all our other great venues serve as a meeting place for all of our community. Several generations of us celebrated together—high school kids, college kids on break, parents, and grandparents all watching and dancing to music, expertly and passionately played by a band comprised of three local UB students and a junior at HF-L. A large wedding party from Rochester stopped in toward the end of the night and everyone mingled. Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands and congratulate the bride and groom. I am so pleased that our celebration of Mendon became just that.

As we reach the final weeks of the election season, I am so thankful to live in Mendon. I am grateful that my community agrees that you don’t have to have lived here since birth in order to be eligible to serve in local government. I welcome this opportunity to present our community with a choice in their local elections, and an alternative to habitual incumbency. I am most fired up for the opportunity to bring the passion, determination, and thoughtfulness that I have exerted on behalf of my clients for the last 20 years to the bench in our Justice Court to serve all of our community.

Happy fall, Mendon. I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 5! Here is the link to my previous message if you would like to know more about my experience
and qualifications to serve as Mendon Justice:

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