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Terry Daniele

County Legislative District 5

Terry Daniele (County Legislative District 5)

A lifelong resident of Monroe County, Terry and her husband, Tony, live in Mendon. She has two adult children. Terry has a private practice as an American Sign Language Interpreter and writes a monthly article regarding women in politics for Rochester Women’s Magazine. Terry has owned and operated small businesses and previously worked for BOCES 2 in a supervisory capacity. She is an executive committee member for a scholarship given in honor of social justice annually to a graduating HFL student. Terry is also a member of the Mendon Democrat Committee and has been involved in the campaigns of many other democratic candidates.
Terry believes cooperation is the key to resolving Monroe County’s problems stating,“It is imperative we work together as a legislature to move Monroe County forward to address the issues we face here. Social justice, education, clean energy, supporting small businesses and affordable housing, and keeping our young adults here are all issues I want to address.
My hope is to work with our County Executive Adam Bello and the Monroe County legislature to make county government work for all of us.”

Jeff Klein

Mendon Town Supervisor

Jeff Klein (Mendon Town Supervisor)
Jeff has been married to his wife, Alyssa, for seventeen years. They moved to Mendon in 2009 so their three children could attend school in the HFL district. He spent over two decades in the Navy and Navy Reserves. After more than 21 years of service he retired from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol where he taught the DARE program, was on the Sheriff’s SCUBA Team, served as a financial crimes investigator, and supervised the Community Services Unit.
Jeff has volunteered in the HFL CSD at both Lima Primary and Manor School and served on the Manor School Safety Committee. He was on the Program Budget Advisory Council for the 2020/21 budget year and was elected to the HFL Board of Education in 2019. He is currently president-elect of Honeoye Falls/Mendon Rotary.
Jeff has served as a Residential Case Manager for homeless veterans at the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester. He has coached for Honeoye Falls – Lima – Mendon Youth Baseball and co-founded the HFL Grassroots program, which supports local families affected by Covid-19. His projects outside of the Mendon community include being an Advisor for the Hope Is Life Foundation and founding “They Stepped Up to the Plate,” which honors surviving members of Negro League baseball. To date, they have been able to recognize seven former Negro League players and obtain U.S. Congressional Recognition for each one.

Jeff Klein for Mendon Town Supervisor

Jeff Clark

Mendon Town Board

Jeff Clark (Mendon Town Board)
Jeff Clark has been a resident in Mendon for more than 28 years. He served as Mendon’s Deputy Town Counsel for several years, providing advice to the Zoning and Planning Boards. He is an attorney, with both executive and general counsel positions, at a management services company serving the construction industry. He also holds an Of Counsel position at the local law firm, Bond Schoeneck and King, PLLC. He has been married to his wife, Michele, for 39 years, and they have sent their six children through the HFL school system, the last graduating in 2018. Jeff runs at Mendon Ponds Park, plays guitar at the Cottage Hotel, and buys his morning Muscle Milk at Crosby’s. “I would never live anywhere else,” Jeff says.

David Cook

Mendon Town Board

Dave Cook (Mendon Town Board)
Dave Cook has family roots in Mendon as early as the 1830’s. He and his wife, Kathleen, have lived in Mendon for the past 5 years. They are the parents of four boys and have seven grandchildren. Dave has practiced law in Rochester since 1987. He has received several awards and recognitions from the New York State Bar Association for his representation of indigent individuals and charitable organizations. Dave enjoys outdoor activities of all kinds, especially those in the Upstate’s abundant snow.
Dave served as President of the Board of Directors of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. He also served for over 20 years on the Board of Directors of Farmworker Legal Services of New York. He currently serves on the Board of Directors as general counsel of Greater Rochester Community of Churches. Dave has served in leadership roles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in local, national and international positions. From 2013 to 2016, Dave and Kathleen lived in Santiago, Chile where they were responsible for mission work, supervising 50 congregations and over 500 young volunteers. Dave has served on the Mendon Zoning Board of Appeals for 4 years.

Jon Stern

Town Justice

Jon Stern (Mendon Town Justice)
Jon Stern is currently a partner at Kaman, Berlove, Marafioti, Jacobstein & Goldman, litigating child custody and matrimonial actions. Prior to joining Kaman, Jon was in solo practice for nine years, following employment with the Legal Aid Society of Rochester (Law Guardian Program) as well as the Monroe County Public Defender’s Office, Family Court Division. Jon has been a member of the Attorneys for Children Panel since 2001, and was a 2013 recipient of the Michael F. Dillon Attorney for Children Award. Also in 2013, Jon was the inaugural winner of the Award for Excellence in Indigent Adult Representation in Family Court. Jon obtained his B.A. from Skidmore College in 1993 and his J.D. from Emory Law School in 1996.
Jon has lived in Honeoye Falls with his wife, Lisa, and his daughters, Ava and Ella, for the past fifteen years. Jon and Lisa are very excited to see Ava and the rest of the HFL senior class on a stage this coming June receiving their hard earned diplomas. Jon can often be seen, and definitely heard, on the sidelines of Ella’s softball games, providing constructive criticism to the umpires.
Jon vows to bring independence from politics and twenty-five years of high intensity courtroom experience to the bench with him and is seeking this position to give back to the community which has given him and his family so much.


Julie Cianca

I am running for County Court to ensure all people, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation or socioeconomic status, are guaranteed fair treatment and protection of their constitutional rights under the law.

Caroline Morrison

My name is Caroline Morrison, I am a Rochester native and I’ve been a judge for the past seven years. I’ve presided over thousands of criminal cases and hundreds of civil matters during that time. I grew up in an impoverished neighborhood on the north east side of the city and spent my early years in and out of the foster care system while also being a teen mother. I encourage you to visit my website to learn more about my story, my passion for justice and to engage with my campaign. Together we can deliver justice with integrity to all residents of Monroe County.

Todd Baxter

We make a difference in the community by finding a new way forward. This year’s Sheriff election is one of the most important elections our community has had in a long time. Whether we’re taking on the opioid crisis, finding innovative ways to reduce recidivism, making people feel safer, or making our law enforcement professionals feel more valued and appreciated, the Sheriff can and should be that leader. I believe we can reduce county crime rates. We must hold those who commit serious crimes accountable and guide non-violent offenders in our jails with a new path forward. We will take steps to better coordinate efforts across police departments and improve training and employee morale. I am committed to increasing public outreach, community relations, and the use of data and technology to improve public safety. Our community has the talent and expertise to find solutions to the issues we face. As your Sheriff, I vow to boldly lead the way. Join me in finding a new way forward.

Douglas Randall

County Court

I have dedicated my 35 year professional career to public service in the court system of Monroe County. For the past 10 years I have presided over 200 felony jury trials. I am seeking your support so that I may continue to ensure equal justice for all.