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MCDC Weekend of Action

Mendon Firemen’s parade

Local government is important to you!

Terry Daniele knows why local government is important to you!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be at the announcement for new legislation. This legislation grants a 10% property tax exemption to our volunteer firefighters and ambulance personnel. Because of these heroes, who VOLUNTEER their time, our communities are safer!! I would ask you to remember that these volunteers do this without expectation of anything, so in honor and gratefulness to them….. Legislation was introduced here in Monroe County by Legislators John Burns Baynes, Michael Yudelson and Howard Maffucci. Our County Executive Adam Bello in full support, moved it to the State Level where State Senator Samra Brouk and Assembly Member Jennifer Lunsford are working on making it New York State Law. All politics are local my friends!!!! Get involved.

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Earth Day 2021